Thursday, January 13, 2011

New Year for Turksa

One week before the Spring 2011 semester started at UAlbany, former president of Turkish Student Association (Turksa) Asil Özdoğru handed over the documents and files for the management of Turksa to new president Cüneyt Gözü, who started his new position with the new year. Turksa was started in February 2006 and presided by Asil since then. Unchallenged in any of the annual elections, Asil managed the organization with the support of a host of officers and volunteers. Working in different roles Cüneyt also took part in Turksa from the very first day and served in different roles as treasurer and vice president. With Asil’s graduation, Cüneyt took over the leadership of Turksa to take it to the elections in the summer of 2011 and beyond.

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